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Emergency Roof Repair Cornelius NC | Lake Norman Roofing
Cornelius NC

Emergency Roof Repair Cornelius NC

Keeping your home in pristine condition begins with your roof. Maintaining and keeping your roof up-to-date will sustain and increase the value of your life’s largest investment, your home.

When you hire Evergreen Construction Solutions, we will extend the life of your roof with high-quality services including inspection, repair, and installation. Located in Charlotte, NC, our service is available to Cornelius, N.C. and surrounding areas. You can trust us to expertly fulfill all of your needs regarding emergency roof repairs, window or gutter repairs and installations.

When you find yourself facing an unexpected emergency roof repair or roof replacement in Cornelius NC, you can turn to us for help. Evergreen Construction Solutions, a Charlotte roofing company, offers 100% financing and we work with all insurance companies.

As a professional Lake Norman roofing company, our goal is to provide effective, efficient and affordable services to all customers in the Cornelius and Huntersville areas.

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Free Roof Inspections and Analysis

Evergreen Construction Solutions, a roofing company servicing Lake Norman and Cornelius NC, offers a free roof inspections and estimates that will put your mind at ease. Inspections are the key in locating any small deterioration to your roof that could escalate into larger problems down the road.

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Quality Care in Covering Your Home

We provide fair and honest recommendation and solutions with every inspection. We will educate you with the necessary information you need to make a smart decision regarding your roof repair or roof installation. We are professional contractors affording you the ability to stay on top of your roof’s condition with a free roof analysis and inspection.

Keep Damages from Weather Elements “In-Check”

The sun, wind, rain and snow are elements of weather we enjoy throughout the seasons. Although your roof does not sunbath, swim, ski or windsurf, it is directly affected by all of the weather’s elements. Whether roof damage has occurred from “mother nature’s” storms or just natural aging over the years, we provide solutions to all your Cornelius roof repair needs.

It is important to check for damages as soon as possible after a storm. Insurance policies have specific time limits set in place for filing a claim. If your roof did, in fact, suffer damage directly related to a specific storm, you should make certain to have the necessary evidence to establish and verify the connection. Immediate detection of a problem enables you to take quick action. The sooner you collect this evidence, the sooner we can solve your problems.

Our roof inspection is free, so there is no reason to procrastinate evaluation of damages after a storm.

Even though your roof may look untouched by a storm, its covering may have been compromised. Utilizing the services and the professional eyes of Evergreen Construction Solutions, a Cornelius NC roofing company, will detect problems you may have overlooked or can’t see from the ground.

As trained professionals, we check for cracking or shingle breakage, and make sure there is no evidence of sealing strip damage. Any or all of these damages may occur directly from a storm but may not present themselves to an untrained eye.

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Roof Installation & Replacement

A clear sign that your roof needs repair is water leakage through ceilings. Addressing the problem quickly will avoid any further damage to interior ceilings and walls.

Evergreen Construction Solutions will ensure the installation is done with expertise craftsmanship, providing the protection your home needs from the weather.

Roof replacement is not a DIY project. Hiring a professional is imperative. Choosing Evergreen Construction Solutions as your Cornelius NC professional roofing company will make your roof replacement easy and affordable. We only use the highest-quality materials to ensure your roof lasts for decades.

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Emergency Roof Repair Lake Norman NC

Early detection of any damage to your roof provides a timely solution in the prevention of major damage. Evergreen Construction Solutions will make the needed repairs quickly, at an affordable price. Whether the repair includes one shingle or several, roof repairs can be dangerous, so they are better left to the professionals.

We’re an expert roofing contractor for emergency roof repair in Cornelius NC, so don’t put off until tomorrow what must be done today. We are a simple solution to any problem with your roof.

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Replacement Windows Cornelius NC

The window frames of your home do so much more than hold the glass secure. Frame materials are subject to the weather elements just as much as your roof. Routine maintenance and proper repair are essential in maintaining your windows overall good condition.

Evergreen Construction Solutions, a Cornelius roofing company, provides accurate and complete window replacements in the comfort of your home in Cornelius, NC. Age or weather damage can create the need for window repair or replacement. Not all windows can be repaired, so in some circumstances, window replacement is necessary.

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Gutter Installation & Gutter Replacement Cornelius NC

Properly maintaining your home for aesthetic reasons as well as increasing the value, includes gutter repair and replacement. Gutters serve as traffic guards, smoothly directing the flow of water away from your roof and the foundation of your home. Having quality gutters not only improve your home’s appearance, it also makes your home a safer environment by preventing major damage. Evergreen Construction Solutions will inspect, repair or replace your gutters to ensure they are doing their job and providing maximum protection to your home.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement or Emergency Roof Repair Cornelius NC

While water leakage is an obvious indicator of roof damage, other damages may require a thorough roof inspection to be properly detected.  Seven signs listed below are warnings that your Cornelius NC roofing needs replacing:

  • If your roof is older than 20 years old
  • Deformation of shingles
  • Dips or unevenness
  • Missing tiles or shingles
  • Chimney flashing repairs
  • Debris in gutters from deterioration of roofing materials
  • Signs of damage from moisture in bottom layers, making the roof bouncy with pressure

Signs You Need Gutters Replacement Services Cornelius NC

Some tell-tale signs that you need gutters replacement services are listed below:

  • Cracks, holes or rust spots
  • Broken fasteners
  • Loose nails or screws
  • Separation of gutters at seams
  • Gutters hanging from the roof
  • Bent or sagging gutters
  • Paint peeling around gutters
  • Water in your basement

Make Good Choices

The maintenance and upkeep of your roof, windows, and gutters is essential to keeping your home in top condition. Hiring the proper roof replacement company can make a world of difference for all your Cornelius roofing needs. Evergreen Construction Solutions is dedicated to quality and efficiency for your family’s Cornelius roofing needs.

A Business that Makes a Difference

The roofing business makes a big difference in the lives of many people by supplying safety and comfort to their homes. Evergreen Construction Solutions is a family owned and operated Cornelius roofing company that puts your family first in every project they undertake. Providing you and your family with the highest quality of materials used in the Lake Norman roofing business today is just part of the job. They ensure that every project is done in a timely manner with professional expertise.

With Evergreen Construction Solutions by your side, your home will be put back together after a storm tears it apart. They help an old home remain young in years by providing a new fresh look with a quality roof replacement in Cornelius NC.

When you choose Evergreen Construction Solutions you make the best judgement call regarding your home’s safety. Call us today at (704) 272-1596 or contact us for a free inspection regarding any concerns you have with your home’s roof, windows or gutters.

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